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Mice and rats and active year-round and are a particular problem during the cooler months of the year, when they most commonly enter structures in search of food and harborage.  Once established, they are very prolific and can add significantly to their population in a short period of time, if left unchecked.

Most rodent infestations in homes and businesses are caused, primarily, by two species of mice and two species of rats.

Mice:  Common House Mice and Deer Mice

Rats:  Norway (Brown) Rats and Roof Rats

Our approach to rodent control involves, firstly, a thorough inspection in order to identify all areas where the rodents are active and including these areas in our treatment plan.  We then service these areas over a period of time sufficient to ensure full control of the infestation.

It is also very important to identify all points of entry.  These places can be surprisingly small.  For mice, these places can be as small as a dime and as small as quarter for rats.  Once these locations are identified, these access points need to be eliminated, referred to as rodent exclusion.  As long as these access points remain, new rodents can continue to enter the structure.  We offer rodent exclusion services as an adjunct to our rodent control service, covering most of the commonly-encountered issues.  Although these services add to the cost of a job, the results of our control efforts usually last much longer.